WESTBREED is owned and operated by Dr Jim McMahon who purchased the business in 2022 after it was re-established in 2007 by Harry Wilson. WESTBREED originally began trading in the 1980’s when Dr David Osborn and Dr Adrian Veitch set up the business adjacent to the Northam Veterinary Centre.

While a student at Muresk Institute undertaking a Bachelor of Agribusiness course, Jim became involved in sheep artificial breeding at Genstock Kojonup through an industry professional practice semester.

After graduating Muresk, he did three AI seasons with AllStock Technology in NSW as an AI and ET technician. Between breeding seasons, he worked with the artificial breeding company Brit-Breed in the United Kingdom. Back in Australia, Jim has worked extensively with The Grange Breeding Centre, AllStock WA and NSW, RLS Genetics in Tasmania and WESTBREED.

Jim completed a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery at Murdoch University in 2010 and after a few of years in general practice at the Northam Veterinary Centre, did contract work in artificial breeding throughout Australia. Jim has experience in countries including the United Kingdom, the United Sates of America, and China and has accreditations from the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) and as an Embryo Transfer Veterinarian (ETV). Memberships include the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (UK), the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) and the special interest group of Australian Reproductive Veterinarians (ARV).

WESTBREED strives to provide a specialised professional service predominantly to the Stud Sheep Breeding Industry.

There is a focus on Farm Biosecurity and Animal Welfare along with continuing research in association with the University of Sydney and the Reproduction Company. 

WESTBREED - Phone: 08 9622 3838
2 Goomalling Road Northam 6401 – PIC WHVC0001

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