Artificial Insemination

♦ The development of Laparoscopic AI has enabled widespread use of frozen ram semen resulting in commercially viable conception rates.

♦ AI is an on-farm service where the breeder manages preliminary preparation using a program and drugs supplied by WESTBREED

♦ About fourteen days prior to AI, treatment begins with a long-acting intra-vaginal progesterone releasing device (CIDR)

♦ Two days before AI the device is removed, and an injection of gonadotropin (eCG) allows fixed time insemination.

♦ In Western Australia conception rates average around 65% during the Spring and early Summer, improving to 75% during late Summer and Autumn which is the natural breeding season for most breeds of sheep

♦ Lambing rates vary from 80 to 120% depending on flock fertility, ram fertility, breed of sheep, seasonal conditions, and other influences such as between individual farms.

♦ In compliance with the Australian Reproductive Veterinarians (ARV) industry code of practice, a combined sedative and mild analgesic are administered prior to AI.

♦ Because Laparoscopic AI only takes a minute or so, ewes are subject to very little discomfort before returning peacefully to their paddock.  

♦ Animal welfare is a priority for WESTBREED and has beneficial fertility outcomes.

Cloning Ram

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