Semen Freezing
& Storage

♦ On arrival at WESTBREED every ram has a Clinical Examination to ensure they are healthy and do not pose a biosecurity risk to other animals within the ram shed.

♦ A blood sample is taken for analysis by the DPIRD Animal Health Laboratory to detect for the presence of Brucella Ovis.

♦ Each ram has a sample submitted for a DNA profile to guarantee the identity of the semen frozen and to assist with lamb identification if required.

♦ Every ejaculate is analysed by spectrophotometer to measure spermatozoa concentration and determine an accurate rate of dilution.

♦ Each AI dose has a minimum number of viable sperm as specified by the Australian Reproduction Veterinarians (ARV) industry code of practice.. 

♦ Extended semen is packaged and sealed in single dose individually identified PVC straws eliminating the risk of contamination or possible sire identity issues.

♦ Semen frozen in pellets cannot be identified, are not protected from cross contamination and can be variable in AI dose.

♦ Secure storage in liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees Celsius with accurate inventory control using “Gene Warehouse” Livestock Genetics software.

♦ We recommend that semen intended for sale to other breeders be subject to independent assessment by the Reproduction Co based at the University of Western Australia 

♦ Depending on the level of testing desired, the cost of independent assessment is between $2-3 per AI dose.

♦ There is no better insurance for valuable genetics than cryo-preservation of both semen and embryos.

♦ Biosecurity and Quality Assurance are top priority at WESTBREED Animal Breeding Services

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